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Frequently Asked Questions About Packs

1. What is a pack?

A pack is a group of wolves that has gathered together. The term has been commonly adopted by werewolves for their groups, and is even used for mixed groups that may include several types of werecreatures and/or non-shifting beings, such as humans and therians. Packs are usually seen as a close family unit. Packs are often created when in need of companionship and understanding.

2. Are there different kinds of packs?

Yes. With werecreatures dwindling in numbers, it is often difficult to locate a physical pack, thus leaving online packs as a tempting option. Online packs are very limited, however. Members must usually result to using internet sites and chats, as well as other various ways to communicate. There are also physical and semi-physical packs. Semi-physical packs commonly use chats and internet communication as well to keep in touch while apart, but may regularly have meetups and partially live together. Physical packs usually either live together, or live in the same city or town. They have regular get-togethers and spend large amounts of time with one another. Physical packs commonly celebrate werecreature holidays and are immensely involved in the history and culture of wolves.

3. How do packs work?

As expected, packs work like a family. There is always an Alpha, in some cases two. The Alpha(s) is seen as the leader, parent, and/or role model. In a good, functioning pack, rank is rarely ever invoked, but occasionally needed to keep order. Other ranks may be in larger packs to establish a sense of hierarchy. However, remember that this is a pack, not an army. You are a family, not a military system. There is absolutely no need for every member in your pack to have a rank. Not even close to half should hold any ranking status.

4. How do you join a pack?

Online packs are the easiest to join. However, don't confuse an online pack with a child's pack. No joining of a pack should be as easy as saying, "You're in." It is best to avoid these kinds of packs, as they quickly fall apart and never last. Online packs that are stable and strong should be more difficult to join, as there are many things needed before officially becoming a member. Some of these things may include a series of questions about oneself, identity verification, and even an unanimous favor for the person joining amongst the members. These processes can sometimes take up to weeks to complete. Physical packs and semi-physical packs are more difficult to join. Assuming you've been able to locate one, some may require you to prove you are a shifter. While many packs these days do allow non-shifters to join, proving you are what you say you are is an easy way to keep out fake individuals. These kinds of packs also often include a strict series of questions and requirements before joining. It may take several weeks or well over a month to join.

5. What is an Alpha?

An Alpha is the leading rank of a pack. Whether the pack is physical or online, all packs have at least one. The Alpha makes all major decisions, regardless of seeking council from other ranking members. They also make and enforce all pack rules, and every decision made is in the best interest of the pack as a whole.


6. Can anyone be Alpha?

No, anyone can not be an Alpha. You are not going to be some 15 year old freshman in high school while holding the rank of an Alpha. You need experience to be an Alpha. You need first hand accounts of shifting, you need immense knowlndge on not just werewolves, but other creatures as well. You cannot be a child with no real world experience. It takes a lot of maturity, effort, and leadership skills. Your biggest priority is what is best for you're entire pack, they come first, before everything else.



7. How do you become an Alpha?

Often times, the Alpha status is passed down from the previous Alpha when they are ready to move on from the pack. Others, the Alpha may appoint a second Alpha and later leave the pack, resulting in the second Alpha being the only Alpha. In some cases, the Alpha status may be challenged by another pack member, and if not met by the current Alpha, will take on the rank themselves, replacing the old. There are other cases in which something may happen to the Alpha, whether it be they leave, pass on, or vanish, and the pack is left with no leader. The pack will need to appoint a new Alpha together, either through voting or nomination. If a bad Alpha is challenged by all members simultaneously, they may be stripped of their rank, or kicked out of the pack entirely and replaced. However, an Alpha can never appoint themselves as the sole Alpha with no support of pack. It takes dedication and commitment to run a pack, as well as undying loyalty and leadership experience. One can not expect to become an Alpha if they constantly cause trouble or problems for the pack. Remember, Alphas are not self appointed. Aside from the off case that one believes they could run the pack better and challenges the current Alpha, most do not choose to be Alpha, but instead are asked or appointed to the responsibility. And let's not forget that a strong level of personal maturity is required. No matter if the pack is online or physical, it is a serious responsibility.


8. Can I be born an Alpha?


Absolutely not. That status is earned, it is not a birthright. You will get nowhere if things are just given to you. There are no "inherited titles".

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